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Ven.Sohay & Ven.Pangkhat
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Other Interesting Audios
Smouth Worship Triple Gem
Worshipping Triple Gem
Parita Sutta & Abhidhamma

Khmer in Canada with their
invaluable culture awareness

Para Pavasutta
Mohori Classical Music
Song Of Cambodians

Khmer Pinpeat Music

Khmer Traditional Musics
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 |
Fingers Conflict Poem



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The lines of culture is dimly distinguished by one another. The the new age of globalization, technology, information and transnational economic have allowed wealthy countries to export not only their political and economic ideologies but also their traditions and values as well.

The Cambodian people has made tremendous efforts to preserve Khmer traditional, culture and value, but younger generations are hungry for a change. In this critical uphill battle to maintain cultural identity in current increasingly homogeneous global community, Khmer individually has to endure the mission of nurturing and preserving the applicable past for the bright future.

Martial Arts Odyssey - Inside Khmer Bokator

Khmer Life Songs & Literatures

Bondam Krom Ngoy & Carry Scripture to Find Jayavarman VII literature
Khmer Young Modern Writer: Sam Sophearin
Christian Conversion Tactics in Cambodia
History of Chinese's great emperior: Chi Fuang
Socrates: a greatest philosopher of Athen, Ancient Greek
The Religious Conflict between Catholic and Protestants in French
History of Jesus Christ
Miss Cambodian Contest in French
Mrs. Panvannarireak (A Popular Khmer Writer)
Sopprasith Love Story
Pkai Nov Tae Pleur=Star is still shining
History of Watt Prasat Neang Kmao
Kolap Pailen
Kung Bun Choeun: Khmer post-modern famous writer 1
Kung Bun Choeun: Khmer post-modern famous writer 2
Mother's Compassion
Kampuchea Krom Federal Summit
Mrs.Alexandra: The Glorious Lady

Khmer Authors: Dr.Keng Hokdy
Life of Khmer Women
Song of Cambodians
Khmer Literature & Society
Khmer Theatre Seems Lost
Darkness of the Past

Khmer Literature(Aramboy Life)
The Curtain of Life


Smouth Khmer

Arathania Prohm
Worship Triple Gem
Para Pavasutta 1
Para Pavasutta 2
Dhamma Sangveka1
Dhamma Sangveka2

Krisna Anjaly
Preah Ayaputta
Vesaga Puja Day
Magha Puja Day

Khmer Traditional Music

Khmer Pinpeat Music 1
Khmer Mahori Music
Khmer Pinpeat Music2

Khmer Songs
Kompongcham Kompongchet :
Komsman Bong Plech :
Mouy Reatrey Doch Mouy Jivit :
Pchum Noav Aranh :
Sronos Pailin :
Kolab Battombong :
Anusavry Battombong :
Somleng PlengKa :
Peap Somnang :
Plech Hey Noav :
Neang Touch Sonich :
Yub Dobpii Kaet :
Piseth Palika :
Prach Ly 1(Khmer Rapper) :
Prach Ly 2(Khmer Rapper) :*
Tov Mael Angkor :
Chomnong Snaeh Thom :
Kom Bompe Kyom :
Neak Proat Tronom :
Phnom Teap Cheang Smoa :
Psorng Choup Bong Cheat Kroy :
Srey Laor Krob Leak :
Watt Kom Paeng :
* (Rap) Tek Tnot Joo :
(Rap) Dam Dous Dey Khmer :
(Rap)Prom Leng :
Bong Srolang Srey :
Kattanno :
Tell Me :

Khmer Songs
I have Khmer Heart :
Prasat Angkor Wat :
Anicha Khmer :
Anakot Komaa:
Bopha Bey Samai :
Dey Preah Vihear :
Khmer Trov Chong Cham :
Nek Rerng Derm :
Oh Phnom Penh :
Phnom Tbeang :
Prasat Preah Ko :
Somraek Rukkha :
Khmer Lang :
Khmer Krom :
Sronos Tek Kmao :
Youn Kab Khmer |
Bopha Angkor |
Veal Sre |
Nek Sman |
Kathina Dana |
Dhamma or Preah Thir |
Angkor Khmer |

Listen To Cambodian National Anthem! 2

Listen to Buddhist Songs. These are so
meaningful to young children and adults

Cambodian National Poems
1.Tears of Khmer compatriots
2. Cambodian Labour Lives
Cambodian Children
4. Khmer Kyom 1
5. Khmer Kyom 2
6. Finger Disput Poem

Buddhism & World

Buddhism grows in USA
Buddhism Challeng West's Culture
Buddha:teacher of Gods and Men
The Eighfold Path
Buddhism & Social Work
Key to Enlightenment
Meditation with Science Research

Buddhist Songs for Children

1. Birth of the Buddha
2.To love is to care and be kind
3.Don't be angry
5.It's great to give
6.He is here for you and me
7.Pass it on.
(These songs from

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Welcome to page.. Here is your great step to surf this homepage. You can experience and learn more about Khmer in here. will satisfy you in fulfiling knowledge relating worldview, perspectives and vision of Cambodian people.

This vision stands on righteousness. And this righteouness was declared by Lord Buddha.

So how could Buddhism share the visions for Cambodians as well as the global world to bring and strengthen its unity, peace, development and true happiness. Also how could we apply this invaluable treasure of Buddha Dhamma to develop either peace, economic, right view, or right understanding...

This homepage deals with collecting Dhamma Preaching from various Khmer well-known monks, laypeople, traditional musics, literature, Buddhist academic articles, Buddhism for beginners, social activities of Cambodian community, every Khmer links, news and the rest...

We also, the community servants, will apologize for any unconvenience in surfing this homepage.

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