AUDIOS: Dhamma Tesana or Dhamma Preaching

We are the members of Dhamma Chat Room in both Yahoo Messanger and Paltalk which created under the initiative of Cambodian Global Friend Organization (CGFO) would like to express warm welcome and sincere regard to all Dhamma friends!

Welcome to this storage room for Dhamma audios from our prominent Buddhist monks who often come to this room to teach, preach and coach us the meaning of life, social welfare and other knowledge courses.

There are also learned lay people who are seeking the truth of life and always share his/her knowledge with us.

Buddhist monks mostly come from all over the world, especially from Cambodia, Canada, USA, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, India, Newzealand and Europe..etc

Lay people also come from all around the world.

If Dhamma friends wish to join us with this vibrant online Dhamma talk, you have to download Paltalk program or Yahoo Messanger Program into your computer.

For Patlalk after installed, you can create id and search Khmer room; you will see at least two rooms focusing on Dhamma preaching: Khmer Theravaada Buddhism & Khmer Buddhism and Khmer Society Worldwide Center. You can choose any room to attend.

For Yahoo Messanger, you also have to download, install and add this ID into your new Yahoo Messanger: preah_thor, dejkun2005 or mahadhammika10 and you can ask for invitation into room when they are online.

The rules of Dhamma room are: 1/. respect yourself, 2/.respect others, 3/. be polite and courteous, 4/.self-responsibility, 5/.no interruption, 6/.self-awareness and self-discipline